Top Ways To Use Marquees

A marquee is a tent made of a water-resistant fabric stretched over a metal frame. A canopy tent, usually small and lightweight, has a roof but no walls. A frame tent is a rectangular metal frame with a roof and four walls. The largest tents are usually pole tents, with an outer frame and support poles in the center of the tent. Marquees come in all colors and sizes and can be custom designed. The following are some of the most common ways that people use marquees.

Outdoor Weddings

Marquees are the best way to design outdoor space for a social event like a wedding. Large tents with added flooring can accommodate a dance floor and dining tables, while smaller tents can help people identify important locations, like the bar or food service areas. Marquees can look very elegant, with white fabric walls and touches of color. Special lighting, like chandeliers or fairy lights draped from the ceiling, are often added to enhance the festive atmosphere of a wedding or party.

Market Stalls

Vendors use marquees at events like craft fairs and farmers markets. Canopy tents work well to cover tables and define vendor’s areas. Folding gazebos are another option; they can be set up and taken down very quickly. Vendors who bring their own marquees to a market may choose to purchase Printed Marquees with their company name, brand, or logo on the side or valance.


Large conferences are often held inside a hotel or conference center. Often there is one room at a conference dedicated to vendors, who set up tables and expo tents to showcase new products with information and demos. Marquees at conferences are often small canopies because each vendor has only a limited amount of space.


Tents are also used in construction. A large, custom-designed marquee can be used to cover an entire construction project so that builders, plumbers, and electricians can keep working in all weather. Renting a construction tent can really speed up a construction project. Similarly, exterminators also use tents in order to treat an entire house with a pesticide. A tent keeps people and animals out and protects the surrounding environment.

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